The Hope of Fukushima

              多喜 百合子
本当は 事故が起こる前になんか 戻せないのだ。
今の技術では フクシマから出続ける 放射能すら
止めることは 出来ないのだ。
未だに 毎日7000人を動員する人力だけが頼りだ。

悲しみが弱まっていくとは 限らない。
放射能は 日々国境を越えていく。
海に 地に 空に 放射能が4年以上も休むことなく出続けている。
海外の良心的な科学者や原発技術者たちの証言が はじまった。
「総量は すでに チェルノブイリを越えて 史上最悪だ」
被害が年を追うごとに、世代を追うごとに増え 明らかになっていく。

しかし フクシマの被害者たちは
「私たちを見捨てないで」と いう。
    The Hope of Fukushima (4 years later) 
    By Taki Yuriko
                       (Translated by John and Deborah Saxon)
Government promises
Can kill.

The reality is

There will be no pre-accident Fukushima.
Our best techniques cannot even halt
Fukushima’s current radioactive output.
Daily stopgap work continues
Just to prevent more accidents.
Our survival still depends daily on a 7000-person workforce.

Time does not
Heal all wounds.
Radiation leaks unseen
Across national borders every day.
Even after four years, radioactive emissions have continued unabated into the land, sky and sea.
Expert opinions have begun coming in
From ethical scientists and nuclear plant engineers abroad.
“The aggregate radiation level has already surpassed that of Chernobyl, making it the worst in history.”

“The 15-meter-high tsunami generated by the magnitude 9 earthquake that occurred off the coast of
Fukushima delivered its impact with a velocity greater than that of the speed of sound. There is no
nuclear plant of this grade worldwide that can withstand such force.”
The damage will worsen with each passing year, with each generation,
And finally become manifest.

Everyone else is saying,
“We will not forget Fukushima.”
But the Fukushima victims say,
“Don’t leave us for dead.”